Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria 2018 To Sign Up For As A Nigerian Blogger

There are many ways you can make money online in Nigeria and one of the few ways is through Affiliate Marketing. As a blogger in Nigeria and one of those few ways which you can make money online is through Affiliate Marketing.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing?

Well, in my own few words I would define Affiliate Marketing is a system whereby you sign up as an affiliate to a company and sell their products in which you would be paid what is called commission.

Affiliate Marketing has made a lot of people rich but I guarantee you not overnight. It takes time before you can make reasonable amount of money from Affiliate Marketing.

Before reading this post, there are questions that would have crossed your mind. Some of them might include:

• How Do I Make Money Online In Nigeria?

• What is Affiliate Marketing?

• Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

• What are the best affiliate programs in Nigeria?

• How to make money from affiliate marketing as a blogger in Nigeria?

• Is it only bloggers that can make money from affiliate marketing?

• What are the best affiliate programs in Nigeria in 2018?

And so on…

But don’t worry, this post would answer all if your questions.

I have previously explained what Affiliate Marketing is all about.

Let’s talk more about making money from Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is a lucrative business. If you know your onions well, making money from blogging won’t be a problem for you at all in any way. One of the “default” and most popular ways you can make money from blogging in Nigeria is Affiliate Marketing and there are numerous programs to sign up with and join but which affiliate programs are the best in Nigeria? I will highlight them for you.

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Here are the top 5 best affiliate marketing programs you can sign up for:

Top Five (5) Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria 2018

1. Jumia Affiliate Program
2.Konga Affiliate Program
3. Commission Junction Affiliate Program
4. Grammaly Affiliate Program
5. Ipage Affiliate Program

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Jumia Affiliate Program: Everybody knows Jumia and what Jumia is all about. If you don’t know, you should Google search about it to find out more about Jumia.

Joining Jumia affiliate program is really easy. You just click here to join Jumia affiliate program and make your money.

Under the Jumia affiliate program, you are given just 13% on every sale that comes from you. That is from 1000 naira, you are given 130 naira. From 10000 naira, you get up to 1300 naira and so on. Isn’t it sweet.

As a blogger, you can promote Jumia products by adding their ads to your blog posts and can just decide to share your affiliate link on social media (Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp). That is another way to boost up your earnings.

Konga Affiliate Program: Konga is one of the strongest to Jumia and the biggest competitors Jumia have in Nigeria. Therefore, payment is sure and 100%.

Unlike Jumia, Konga pays her affiliates 9% commission on every sale made.

To join, click here. Just like Jumia after signing up, you can place Konga affiliate links on your blog.

Commission Junction Affiliate Program: Commission Junction or CJ as it is popularly called, is another great way to make money as an affiliate. This i s a program that Online Incomes recommend for bloggers with traffic coming from different places around the world. Click here to join Commission Junction Affiliate Program.

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Grammaly Affiliate Program: First of all, for those who don’t know what Grammaly is all about, Grammaly is a plagiarism checker and also check for spelling and writing errors. It is a very useful tool for bloggers.

You get paid by Grammaly through promoting their premium packages to your readers.

Click here to join

Ipage Affiliate Program: Did you know that you get paid up to $110 for every sign up that you refer to Ipage hosting?

That is so true. Ipage is one of the best affiliate programs you can sign up for and make money from.

Click here to sign up

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