How To Pass WAEC 2018/2019 Easily

I know this is a blog that teaches you how to make money online in Nigeria but one key thing you need to know is that to make money online is easy but you need to be literate even though passing your WAEC exams is not a requirements but it helps and therefore I would give tips on “How to Pass WAEC 2018”.

Do note that this is not an education blog.

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How To Pass WAEC 2018/2019

I would share tips and tricks on how to pass your WAEC this year and make sure you do not rewrite it again. 

I wrote mine once and I am in my third year in the University Of Ibadan so I would share some tips that would help you out.

First of all, pray. Prayer is key.

• Get your self past questions. Most especially series. You do not really need your schoolbooks or textbooks. You might only need them for reference purposes.

• You really need to sit down and continue practicing the past questions. WAEC repeats questions.

• Before entering into the exam hall, have all of your materials ready. Asking for materials could get you penalized if the invigilator thinks you are cheating. In worse cases, your exam is cancelled which means- come back next year. So prepare.

• Have a positive mindset. It has been proved that whatever you think eventually happens to you. You think negatively and negative things happen to you. So always have a positive mindset.

• If you are a slow writer, my brother or sister work on your speed. Time matters. Always be time conscious.

• Mind your handwriting. You need to mind your handwriting. Handwriting is a big factor when it comes to WAEC. You can miss points if your handwriting is not properly seen by the person marking your scripts.

• At the end of every exam, always smile because if you have done the right thing, you would get the right results. Goodluck!!
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Updated: March 17, 2018 — 11:11 am


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