Easy Steps On How To Create A Free YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is so easy, though a lot of people don’t know how to create one. I have seen people swindling other people because they don’t know how to create a FREE YouTube channel.

YouTube is a fast growing online video sharing platform. In fact, after Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine. Please who doesn’t love watching videos?

It is never too late to create your own YouTube channel and start putting your content on it. I would teach you how to start your own YouTube channel with very few steps.

What You Need To Create A YouTube Channel Successfully.

All you need to create a free YouTube channel include:

• A stable internet connection.
• A phone or laptop
• Your Gmail or Google account.

How To Create A YouTube Channel For Free

Method #1

• First of all, have a Google account (your Gmail). If you are familiar with Google, then you know this saying “One Google account, everything Google”. It is very true. 

• Click here

• If you are using Chrome, this might immediately take you to your YouTube app.

• You would complete all necessary details as you would name your channel. If it does not redirect in case you are using desktop. Just name your channel and then create.

Method #2

• Go to YouTube and sign in if you have an account already.

• Click on the top right user icon.

• Go to your YouTube account settings. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon.

• Click ” Create New Channel”

• Click On “Use a Business Name or Other Name”.

• Add your name and create.

This is how to create a free YouTube channel easily.

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Updated: April 15, 2018 — 11:12 pm


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