How To Drive Double Traffic To Your Blog 2018.

You wanna learn how to drive massive traffic to your blog, you are at the right place because I will teach you all you need to know.

Every second, about two blogs are created. There are now millions of blogs out there. More and more people are going into blogging because of the success stories they have heard about other bloggers.

Let me tell you something, whether you like it or not, this is just the bitter truth- about 80% if not 90% of those bloggers will fail. You know why? This is because they have missed the essentials of blogging. I don’t mean blogging for passion. Gone are the days when you blog for passion. Blogging for most people has gone from something personal to something professional. Take a look at Linda Ikeji. She is no doubts, the “No. 1 Blogger in Africa.” When Linda started her blog back then in 2007, it was something more personal. It was not until later, Linda Ikeji built a brand around her blog.

That is what you should note. Remove the popular notion of “blog for passion” from your mind because you won’t make money if all you do is blogging for passion. Nevertheless, do not blog for the money. Blog about what you love. Simple! That is it! “Blog about what you love and with time it will turn into passion. That passion would be your motivation and the motivation brings you monetary gains.

To be able to make a considerable amount of money from your blog, you need something called TRAFFIC.

Here are 5 ways you can boost your traffic:

• Choose A Profitable Niche
• Keyword Research
• High Quality Content
• Internal Links And Backlinks
• Social Media Promotion

1. Choose A Profitable Niche:

Hold your speed, before you create your blog, do your research well. Look for what niche would pay you off at the end of the day. The most profitable niche in Nigeria include:
– Education (High and Fantastic CPC)
– Technology
– Entertainment (If you do not have money for promotion, do not go into it. It is an over crowded niche)
– Make Money Online Tutorials.
Those are the most profitable niche. Choose whichever fits you best. If you have created your blog and okay with your niche, no problem and if your current niche is not paying off, change it.

2. Keyword Research:

Before publishing any post, do your keyword research. Popular bloggers/blogs such as Neil Patel, Shoutmeloud, John Chow, Backlinko etc all mention different tools they personally use for their own keyword research. What I personally use is not more than Google Trends and the keywords from Google search result pages. They have both helped me in finding the right keywords to use, ranking higher, boosting my traffic and getting more content.

3. High Quality Content:

Before reading my post, I am 99% sure that you have seen this sentence “CONTENT IS KING”. Till date, I feel that is the most popular sentence in the blogging world. That is because just as it implies, content is truly king. The type of content that is king is not trash content. High quality content which carries meaning and at least 800 words. Gone are the days when you would write about 400 words and expect to rank on the front page of Google result while writing on a highly competitive topic or keyword. That is so 2010. Face it, this is 2018. Hardly, will you see a Nigerian blog writing posts that long and still rank high. That is because, it is just a region that blog is being restricted to as it is targeting Nigeria. If your blog is targeted at foreign countries like US, UK or is “Unlisted”, you would have to write  very long and not of low but high quality posts that would shoot your post to the first page.

4. Internal Linking And Backlinks:

To further boost your chances at getting a spot on the first page of Google and beating thousands of other blogs, inter link your blog posts to one another as much as possible but not too much at all. Also, try and get backlinks from other blogs too. You can do this through guest posting or dropping comments with your blog links on other blogs with high google page rank. This will boost your own ranking.

5. Social Media Promotion:

Another way to boost your traffic is through massive social media promotion. This type of traffic is that type which brings people as you promote. Those people are not loyal to your blog although along the line of you have great content some might eventually become loyal readers. Getting traffic through social media works best for those in the Entertainment niche. It is an overcrowded niche and the best way to dominate and get noticed is through a massive social media campaign.
In conclusion, these are ways you could drive double traffic to your blog this 2018. Follow these tips and you are good to go.

Hope you found this article helpful? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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Updated: April 11, 2018 — 12:15 am


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