How To Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain For Free.

Migrating from “http” to “https” on your blogger blog with custom domain is so easy and free.

Having “https” on your blog is very good and helps your blog. The primary aim and general knowledge of “https” is that it means your site is secured.

The “https” would always show before your domain with a green padlock indicating how secure your site is.

Those using “http” are better advised to change to “https”. Those who might not need it are those blogs with an authority domain. An example is
“”. Nairaland is an authority domain and does not need it but the owner can still change it.

Why Should I Change From HTTP To HTTPS

In recent times it has been proved that Google has started using ” https” as factor to rank blogs higher. Therefore to rank on the top of Google search result for a particular keyword, you would need to have “https” on your blog so as to rank higher. Although, if your domain is about 3 years and above you should still be able to rank higher. Do not forget, “https” is not the only factor that determines how high you would rank on Google. There are also other important factors.

Another reason why you should enable “https” on your blog is that it would send your readers away. Many people would feel much more safer reading a blog with the green padlock unlike other blogs whereby there would be an unlocked red padlock. That can scare your readers away. Always keep that in mind.

How To Enable HTTPS On Your Blogger Blog With A Custom Domain For Free.

Now, blogger blogs can now enable “https” on their blogs and the best part is that it is for FREE. I would teach you all you need to know about enabling “https” for free and securing your site.

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Follow the following steps below;

Step 1: Open Chrome and sign in with your gmail.

Step 2: Go over to and sign in. After signing in, edit the domain name and add “”

Step 3: Scroll down and go to settings. Go to “HTTPS Settings”.

Step 4: Click in the drop down menu shown beside “HTTPS Availability” and click yes. Any other option on “http” make sure you change it to “https”.

You are done. Just wait for some time and it would show on your blog that “https” is enabled on it.

Updated: July 2, 2018 — 3:26 pm


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