Poultry Farming In Nigeria: How To Start A Poultry Farm Business In Nigeria

Poultry farming in Nigeria is a business which a lot of people don’t know but is very profitable. Some do see this business as an old man’s business but “I laugh in Spanish”. It is a thriving businesses which can be done by both the young and old.

You might be thinking, is this not a blog that teaches you how to make money online. Sometimes, I decide to be unconventional and write posts out of my niche as long as it deals with bringing in money. I would write on it.

Agriculture is a very important aspect in the Nigerian economy and so is poultry farming when it comes to the Agric sector.
More and more people who have surely taken an interest in Agriculture are investing in poultry farming because it is a very good and profitable business.
The main reason why this business keeps being a success is due to the fact that everyone loves eating Chicken and not only that, so also Egg. Both Chicken and Egg sell very fast and are always in high demand no matter the season but the demand for chicken always skyrockets every time we are in the festive period most especially during the Christmas period.
According to my research, the average any poultry farmer makes per month is about N1.5M to N2M. Therefore, making about 15 million naira to 20 million per year. Isn’t this good enough for any average farmer?

How To Start Your Own Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

Before starting any business, the right thing to do is research over that business. Make your calculations. Ask yourself in the short run will this business pay me? Also, in the long run will it pay me? Should I venture into it or not? These type of questions, when you ask them and seek for answers you would know more than you set out to and this is very good as you get an in depth knowledge of what is happening in the business you want to venture into.

Before going further, the first thing which you must note is that you must have intensive capital. You must have or be able to raise the capital that will make your business a success. The type of capital you start determines how big the business us going to be. You start with something small, evidently the business is small too. Many people started from their backyard in their various homes and from there they went to a much higher scale and now, they are big time farmers in the sector.

Now you have capital right, the next thing you should be doing is looking for land. This land is where your new business would have its location. When it comes to buying a land for this type of business, if you want to at least be making up to a million naira per month you need a very big and large land. I would advise you not to buy lands in expensive places like Lagos or Abuja. It will harm your business. For example, the amount of money which you will spend on buying one plot of land in Lagos would give you so much more in areas like Ogun State or Oyo State and even in Northern part of Nigeria. The best place to have your farms are in the rural areas. Land is so much cheaper there. All you spend money on is of course, the movement of your products from the rural areas to the urban areas. 

Your location really matters. Of course, if your farm is in Lagos you would make more than those in Oyo or Ogun or the North. This is due to the fact that Lagos is the economic hub of Nigeria with a population of about 20 million people. It is reported that about 1,000 people move to Lagos everyday. Nevertheless, you could have your farm in cheaper areas and still be able to make money from the Lagos market. You just need to market  and promote your business and have clients. Whenever they request for your products, you would always deliver to them. To become super rich in this game, make sure you dominate the area you are located and spread your tentacles to other parts of Nigeria. One step at a time. You can have maybe in about 30 states, if you have grown so big, you would have about at least 10 farms there. From one farm you are making a minimum of 500,000 per month. Let’s do the math. Therefore from state you are making 5M. 30 X 5= 150. Therefore, just from a single investment, you are making an average of 150M per month and that is 1.8B per year. What a wonderful investment but this would take years to accomplish since you are working with nature and remember “Rome wasn’t built in one day”.

Before we continue, if you are having doubts over this business, let me shock you with this fact.
Did You Know That Nigeria Still Imports Fowl, Because The Ones Produced By Farmers In The Country Are Not Enough To Feed A Population Of 190 Million People. Shocked?! This is why poultry business is very very lucrative because more hands are needed to be on deck to feed Nigeria.
So far, I have mentioned that the things you would need first of all include:
– Capital
– Land
– Location

After getting all of these, let’s begin to set up the business. 

The next thing you would need to do is set up cages. These cages is where all you would put all your fowls and breed them till when you are ready to sell them. When setting up the cages make sure those cages are big enough for the fowls to be able to have more than enough space to walk about. There should also be ventilation so that these fowls won’t die due to suffocation. It would be better if you just get qualified and experienced engineers who have done several “neat jobs” for other farmers to carry out this task in a professional manner.

Now, after that, if you do not intend in running your poultry farm personally, make sure you find someone who is up to the task and make he/she in charge of the farm. Make sure this person is someone who is reliable.

Now business has started. You would now begin to purchase day old chicks. The price ranges from N100- N500. It all depends on your negotiating power. Some can get day old chicks for N100 and some might get it for N250. It all depends on you. Buy these day old chicks in very large quantity. There is a very high probability that a lot of them will still die. So buy in large quantity. Remember that is you buy in bulk, it will be much more cheaper and only pay after you have received your chicks. There are too many fraudsters in Nigeria.

For the next 7- 9 weeks, your chicks keep growing and would develop into fowls.  Make sure you monitor them well as they are very vulnerable in this stage. Try to keep out predators like snakes and others away from them. Make sure you give them healthy food and clean water. They are also need to take clean things in order to stay healthy. After some times, they begin to lay eggs. It is not all of these eggs you would sell of course but a better part of it would go up for sale while you let the remaining ones hatch. Keep the chicks and nurture them.

Layers begin to lay eggs from 18 to 22 weeks old.

How Much Can I Make From Poultry Farming In Nigeria.

The sale of eggs is an entire arm of business in poultry farming. Imagine if you are selling a crate of small eggs for about N350 and your fowls lay about 5,000 crates. That is 1.75 million naira per every 5,000 crates. What if they lay large eggs of the same number of crates which you now sell for about N400. That is exactly 2 million. See how lucrative it is.

For the sale of fowls. Imagine if you are selling one fowl for about N1,200. If you sell out 5,000 that is 6 million naira. 

This is why poultry farming in Nigeria is profitable and lucrative.  If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions kindly comment below.

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