WhoGoHost Review 2018: The Good And Bad Side Of WhoGoHost

If you have registered your domain name in different domain registrars both home and abroad, I would advise you to transfer all your domain names to WhoGoHost. They have proven to be the best Nigerian based web hosting company.

Some people might think, I was paid to write all this but No! I wasn’t. I am marvelled and simply fascinated by the level of coordination, WhoGoHost has. They are very reliable and outstanding in the type of services they offer. In this place, they score an A.

At a time, WhoGoHost wasn’t my number local hosting company, it was Domain King but all that is now history.

This post is divided into two parts:
1. The Good Side Of WhoGoHost
2. The Bad Side Of WhoGoHost

In the “Good Side Of WhoGoHost”, I would discuss the very good part of WhoGoHost and in the other segment, I am discussing the bad side of the Nigerian web hosting company.
Please do note that these views are just my own personal views and review about the web hosting company.

Over to the next two segments.

The Good Side Of WhoGoHost

The first thing I would mention is that, WhoGoHost is affordable. Their affordability made me to choose the web hosting company in the first place. Their  lowest plan starts from N2,500 and you get a free domain. Please isn’t that too sweet?! Of course it is.

Also, apart from affordability, they have a free management tools which helps you configure your domain name to your taste. You can easily change nameservers and edit CName records yourself.

Transferring of your domain name is simplified as the EPP code can be easily gotten from the dashboard.

You also get a free custom e-mail. Now, that is something good. You can get a free custom e-mail for your domain name without paying for any hosting plan at all.

They have a very good customer support system. They try to respond to you as quick as possible and would even help you out in places you might be stuck in or not understand.

 Lastly, payments are made with ease. There is no need for Payoneer MasterCards or PayPal to make payments. You can make payment with your Nigerian ATM cards.

The Bad Side Of WhoGoHost

It is just simple. When I registered a .com.ng domain name last year, it got deleted by Google because I was using Blogger. I tried redirecting the domain to a new site but I couldn’t because WhoGoHost lacked this feature. If it was GoDaddy, I would have been able to do that successfully.

All in all, WhoGoHost is a very good web host and is

Score: 7/10

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Updated: April 9, 2018 — 11:52 pm


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