DomainKing.NG Review: What You About Domain King

Domain King or DomainKing.NG is one of Nigeria’s finest web hosting companies and in this post I would be reviewing the hosting provider.

You are probably here because you want to start a new blog or change your web host and want to know all about DomainKing.NG. Just keep calm and you would get to know all you want to know.

After starting a new blog, you should by now know that you can either start your blog on Blogger or WordPress. If you have chosen- Blogger, you have no business in this post except you want to get added knowledge. You can go through other posts on Online Incomes. If you are using WordPress, you should know that you need to have a very good web host. It is very important to note that and keep that in mind. 

I would be reviewing Domain King in this post.

What is Domain King All About?

DOMAINKING.NG is one of Nigeria’s leading domain name registrar and web hosting provider accredited with NiRA. Domain King started back in 2014 and within four (4) years they have grown into one of the biggest providers in the country.

Their domains are relatively cheap and starts from as low as N499 per year together with a low cheap web hosting plan starting from as low as N300 per month (and not per year).

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Why Should I Choose DomainKing Nigeria?

That is the question you might be asking yourself but I would answer that questions with what you can get with DomainKing.

• Cheapest Domain Registrar:

DomainKing is ocheap the cheapest domain registrars in the country. A domain goes for as low as N499. It is that cheap and a domain comes with a FREE Whois Protection, Free emails (2) and a free DNS panel.

The .com domain goes for N2699 per year approximately N2700 per year and a .NG domain goes for N999. I know of a domain registrar whereby a .NG domain goes for N12,000 per year.

You can also see for yourself how affordable DomainKing is.

• Reliable And Efficient Customer Support:

The customer support is one you can rely on if you have any problems whatsoever concerning DomainKing. The customer support system is also very fast. You can ask for help through the following mediums:

– Email Support
– Live Chat Support
– Ticket Support

• Affordable Hosting Plans:

Just as how domain names are cheap, so also their hosting plans are also affordable. Very affordable. Like I said earlier, their hosting plans starts from N300/month. Domain King has a total of three plans that fit the need of every blogger.

Below are the plans below,

– Soldier Plan [N300 per month]:
This is the cheapest plan and it is also the most affordable and most suitable plan for  every blogger starting out. This comes with a free domain, free SSL, unmetered bandwidth and free WordPress setup.

– Minister Plan [N800 per month]
It has the same features with the first plan which is meant for starters. It is suitable for those with high traffic.

– King Plan [N1600 per month]
This is the highest plan. It allows for unlimited hosting of websites. If your traffic is on a very high side, I would recommend this plan for you.

• Fastest Web Host:

I don’t know how true this claims are but DomainKing.NG claim that their servers are 5 times faster than regular servers.
They backup their claims with the following:

– SSD Accelerated Servers
– LiteSpeed Web Server
– Inbuilt Package Caching.

There are a lot of other things that are free you get with Domain King.
They include:

• Free Domain
• Free SSL Certificate
• Free Daily Migration
• Free Hosting Migration.

Also, you can get your money back in 30 days if you are not satisfied with their services.

Why not opt for Domain King today. I will give them a score of 7/10.

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