How To Rank Number One On Google Search Engine 2018

Ranking number one on Google is the dream of every blogger. That top spot is the one destination we all want for each of our posts but the truth is- we all can’t get there but guess what? You can!!!

What do I mean by the statement “we all can’t get there but you can”. It is very simple and hard. About 90% of the total bloggers we have most especially new bloggers have not heard or might have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but are not really interested and this would kill your blog before it had even started. 

When I started blogging in 2016, I didn’t take blogging seriously. All I wanted was to make sure that I had Google AdSense (which I am currently using) and I didn’t get the AdSense until November, 2017. I thought of buying one and I was frustrated when I couldn’t get approved for AdSense. I felt dejected. I read bigger blogs such as this one and I was told I had to work on TRAFFIC TRAFFIC TRAFFIC. It was really frustrating actually cos I thought to myself. I get traffic by spamming WhatsApp and Facebook groups, typical mentality of most Nigerian bloggers. My niche then was everything and anything. Ranging from news to music to videos to ponzi schemes (that gave me lot of traffic back then) and so many others. But fast forward to 2018, I am no longer in that niche again. I am done. ONLINEINCOMES.COM.NG is the second blog I have created and I created this blog due to my newly acquired knowledge about SEO. I wished u had known about all this a long time ago. I told myself “David, you are starting blogging all over again” and that is exactly what I did and now I am enjoying myself as a blogger because I now know what blogging really means.

As you might have known, Google has removed pagination from search results and changed to Infinity scroll. I prefer pagination but infinity scroll actually gives more traffic to bloggers as users would be more and more compelled to click “More Results”. It is psychology.

Getting your posts to rank as number one on Google isn’t hard at all but get prepared, you might not earn much for the first 2-3 months but after that, if you have done what is right, you are good to go.

Before I continue in this post, I would like to talk about a type of SEO called BLACKHAT SEO

What Is BlackHat SEO?

Blackhat SEO is one type of SEO, I hate so much and this is due to the fact that Google hates it so I have no other choice than to hate it also. I call this the ” Backdoor SEO” and I advise people never to opt for Blackhat SEO. I might write a post on this in the nearest future so keep in touch with the blog.

Blackhat SEO basically involves you paying an experienced person in blackhat SEO who builds a lot of crappy links and do other things to your blog to improve your rank on Google. Blackhat SEO works only for a short while and afterwards, Google penalizes your website.

Do not try Blackhat SEO. It is better to have knowledge about SEO yourself and implement them on your website yourself.
I want to attend to some frequently asked questions such as:

– Can any SEO company  or expert give me Google number 1 rank?
– What is SEO really all about?
– What are the factors that would make my blog rank higher?
– What should I not do that would affect my ranking?
These above questions would do a lot of justice to this post

Can Any SEO Company/Expert Get Me To Rank Number 1 On Google?

The answer is capital NO! Lies, lies and lies is all they will give you. No company or expert such as Neil Patel or  even ShoutMeLoud would give you the number one rank 100%. You might even rank as number one for that post and suddenly drop. No one really knows what Google uses to rank posts. Do not fall for any trick. Big and top bloggers or SEO expert would even tell you the truth that it is virtually impossible to guarantee you the top spot on Google search.

Let me use this as an example, Google search result is like a race. A car race whereby, all the blogs are cars. You give your own car to an expert to work on it and improve how far the car would go. That does not guarantee that your car would win the race as number one. There other factors to be  considered. How you drive the car? What makes your own car/blog special? What does your car/blog have that others don’t have? And so on.

What Is SEO Really All About?

SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. It involves you optimizing your site for search engines so as for you to rank higher.

There is On-Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. I will advise you to read extensively on them. They are both another topic on their own.

SEO basically improves your chances in getting more and more traffic to your site. It is about increasing your visibility not just on Google but also on other Search Engines such as Bing, Yahoo!etc.

This can be done through link building, keyword research and so on which will be discussed much later on.

You can read more and learn more SEO online and guess what? You can start calling yourself an expert because you have learnt all that is to be learnt about SEO.

What Are The Factors That Would Make My Blog Rank Higher?

There are so many factors to be considered.

Some of these factors include:
– Keyword Research
– Link Building (Quality Links To Sites with high page rank). This can be done through commenting or guest posting. Not all links are good for you site.
– Use Header Tags On Your Posts.
– Use of Meta Description. This improves your ranking.
– High Quality Content. Always remember that “Content is King” in blogging.
– Website speed. Google loves fast sites and who doesn’t?

What Should I Not Do That Would Affect My Ranking?

Do not try Blackhat SEO. Google tries as much as possible to look for those who tried and used Blackhat on their blogs and penalize them for that.

Another thing you should not do is spammy comments. Don’t try it at all. It would affect your blog ranking. You could get penalized for it.

Also, watch out for the type of third party ads you put on your blogs. Some of them could affect your ranking on Google negatively.
Do not use a theme or template that is not SEO friendly. Using one could be catastrophic and also reduce the number of plugins you have installed on your website and widgets to make your website faster.

Hope this article was helpful. Kindly let me know what you feel below.

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