How to Be a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria (Working Yahoo Boy Format)

In this post, I will sharing tips for those who want to learn how to be a yahoo boy in Nigeria and show them the latest yahoo boy format in Nigeria.

What is Yahoo Yahoo?

Yahoo Yahoo as it is popularly called, is the popular nickname for online fraud or scam. Yahoo Yahoo is most common amongst Nigerian youths from age 15 to 40. So many people stop around that age after setting up legit businesses around that can sustain them after leaving online scam.

Please do note that I am not forcing anyone to become a yahoo boy through this post. If you join, you are on your own.

As earlier stated I will show you ways you can be a yahoo boy and be a successful one at that. It is such a pity so many young guys are into Yahoo plus now which doesn’t make sense at all. They all want fast money but the world doesn’t work like that.

Follow the working yahoo boy format below and you are good to go.

How to Be a Yahoo Boy (The Yahoo Yahoo Guide)

Before starting Yahoo Yahoo, there are things you would need to become a complete Yahoo boy. All of this include:

• A laptop or a mobile phone (preferable an Android or iPhone)

• Dating Apps

• Cloning App


• Foreign phone number

Now that you have all the tools, let us get started.

Step 1:

The first step on how to be a Yahoo boy in Nigeria, is to get all the tools listed above ready.

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Step 2:

Activate your VPN which is also called Virtual Private Network. This is to change your location from your “client” (the person who is to be scammed). The VPN basically helps to hide your IP address on the internet. If you reveal yourself as a Nigerian to your clients, it will kill your business.

Step 3:

Change your typing keyboard to whatever country’s English you are using either US or UK.

Step 4:

The next step on how to be a yahoo boy in Nigeria is to join a dating site. You can download dating apps from Play store. The most popular is still Hangout. You can also create fake accounts on Instagram and Facebook. You are now one step closer on how to become a successful yahoo boy.

Step 5:

You should have created accounts months ago for places like Instagram to avoid suspicion from clients. Get pictures of an unknown white man or woman and use it as your image.

Step 6:

Get a cloned US phone number or whatever country you are using. You can tryout TextPlus. It is available on Playstore.

Step 7:

Your clients might want to actually see if you are genuine. They would want to video call or voice call with you. You can turn them down or download a cloning app for them that would take up the face of any person you want and their voice. You just set the app and that is all.

Step 8:

Now, the question is what Yahoo boy format would you employ at this junction? I can not choose your own format for you but you would have gt think and develop it yourself. If you can’t do that then Yahoo Yahoo is not for you.

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Yahoo Boy Format (List Of Available Formats For Yahoo Yahoo)

Before I continue, do note that you should never fall in love with your client. It will only cause problems for you. It would disrupt your game play.

I will share a list of formats below (though not all formats just a few) and then you would choose which one best suit you. That would be your Yahoo boy format. They include:

• A lover that has been divorced and needs another partner

• A military soldier (preferably US) in another country E.g Afghanistan

• An expatriate in an African Country (South Africa/Nigeria)

Just choose from the above or find another format. Your goal is to get money from your client. Either through iTunes Card or Credit Card.

Thanks for reading my post on how to be a yahoo boy. It is only for those who want to learn how to be a yahoo boy only. I am not forcing anyone to join neither did I stay at any point that I am a Yahoo boy or into Yahoo Yahoo. I know of all these and I shared them. If you are caught, then you go to prison. You can still check you my list of untapped business in Nigeria here or list of online legit businesses here



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  1. Thanks for the nice article, was easy to understand and straight forward. Being a yahoo boy isn’t easy but you made it appear easier.

    1. It isn’t easy but with time, money will start coming in

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