Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Content (Explained)

Invalid Traffic- AdSense for Content Explained: Some of you reading this might be not be familiar with Invalid Traffic- AdSense for content or you might.

You are probably on this page due to a message you might have received from Google or your a fragment/ portion of your AdSense earnings has been deducted. You might have noticed that your traffic has been booming and hence, a part of your earnings always get deducted and this leads us to – Invalid Traffic- AdSense for Content.

What is Invalid Traffic- AdSense for Content?

For you to understand the concept of Invalid Traffic- AdSense for Content, you would need to.understand two basic terms:

• Google AdSense Estimated Earnings

• Google AdSense Finalized Earnings

What does Google AdSense Estimated Earnings/Finalized Earnings mean??

Many people don’t know what Google AdSense finalized earnings is really about. I will explain it as it is really in connection to Invalid Traffic- AdSense for Content.

When you receive traffic and a lot of traffic and you see how much you make from Google AdSense on your dashboard per day, the amount you see is called your Google AdSense Estimated Earnings but after the month is over, the earnings you now see for the last month is called Google AdSense Finalized Earnings. By the 1st of every month, you shall see your finalized earnings. It is either your earnings are correct or deducted.

So many bloggers don’t understand when their earnings drop after it has been finalized by Google. They ask “Why did my earnings drop after being finalized by AdSense?”. You might find nothing on Google as you would just see Google forums which might not really be helpful but would sort you out.

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The real course of your earnings being deducted by Google is simply due to quite a number of reasons. I will list those reasons below and explain them.

Invalid Traffic- Content for AdSense (Reasons)

Some of the reasons why you might have had your earnings deducted include:

• Invalid Traffic

• Invalid Clicks

• Wrong Ads Placement

Invalid Traffic:

Invalid traffic is our number reason for obvious reasons. It is even in the term ” Invalid Traffic– AdSense for content“. A lot of desperate and hungry bloggers (sorry if you are a part of them). Invalid traffic involves traffic that has been paid for or bought. Almost all the online traffic sellers are fake. They send you FAKE traffic misleading you into thinking that you are getting REAL traffic while in the real sense is not. These fake traffic is mostly bots which are programmed robots that their primary function is to visit your website and then act almost like humans. You should only and only use invalid traffic whenever you want to try and convince people to see that your website is a huge website with loads and loads of traffic. Apart from buying fake traffic, another way to get invalid traffic is when your blog or site comes under malicious attacks. This more common with blogs on the blogger platform. There was a time, I posted a post which was giving me so much traffic but little did I know that it was not traffic. It also happened to a friend of mine who posted the same post. How can a post that hasn’t been indexed by Google have over a thousand views. I was already happy with myself but when I saw the views, I had to delete the posts. Even after that, I didn’t stop getting bot traffic. It was quite painful to me. It was after I left Blogger, moved to WordPress and I installed Jetpack & Akismet the whole nonsense stopped. I hope you have picked at least something from my super story (lol). I am not saying WordPress blogs do not suffer under bot traffic but the truth is that it is not really as common as under blogs hosted by Blogger. Also, if you are advertising with either Facebook or Twitter or another social platform to drive traffic to your blog, you would be familiar with getting invalid traffic. This is because, Google naturally prefers website owners to drive their traffic from Google. Even when you successfully get traffic from Facebook or any other means, the CPC would be very low even if it is the US or UK.

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Invalid Clicks:

These clicks are a result of your fake traffic which are largely from bots or programmed robots. The robots, as I earlier stated act human like. They are programmed to visit your blog but that is not only what they do. It is impossible considering my statement of they act like humans. They also click on your ads and that will lead to the banning of your AdSense instantly whenever Google detects any unusual activity going on on your site. Apart from bots traffic, also real humans can cause invalid clicks. If the number of your Ads being clicked doesn’t add up with your traffic, Google will see that as illegal activity. Do not also ask your friends or family members to click on your Ads. Gone are the days when you could make money from Google through foul means. If you do that, Google will make you pay.

Wrong Ads Placements:

Another reason for Invalid Traffic- AdSense for Content, is the wrong placement of ads on your blog. Whenever you place your ads wrongly, Google would make sure you are penalized by deducting your earnings. When you put too many ads on your blog, apart from disfiguring your blog, the clicks you might be getting would high and that would make Google to deduct out of your earnings because the behaviour of your audience would be quite unnatural. Accidental clicks are also clicks that might make Google deduct out of your earnings. Accidental clicks are clicks by accident. Accidental clicks can be caused by placing too many ads or forcing your readers to click on your Ads. In the past, this would cause a straight ban on your AdSense but after reviewing their policy, they relaxed their rules and they would only deduct out of your earnings accumulated from the accidental clicks.

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In conclusion, to enjoy Google AdSense you must play the safe way. If you still have questions regarding Invalid Traffic- Content For AdSense comment below.

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